Plane ride to Almaty

I have been trying to write this for a few days now and alas 2 months of no technology has finally erased my knowledge of how to work a blog or the internet for that matter. haha!

So… this is how it goes. For the last 2 months of my life I’ve had to endure training for language and techical skills to be a good teacher in Kazakhstan. However, before I go on with how frustrating training was and how it was also rewarding. I will go ahead and rewind to the time when I first met the 54 people in my group. We were all nervous about leaving the country and being with random people in the plane. We all know that we are the only ones in this whole world who will ever understand the nervousness and excitement that we feel. I remember being at the airport in D.C and cursing myself for being a girl because I had one big suitcase and a duffel bag. The next 48 hours will be a pain in the ass because I have to carry EVERYTHING! It is a curse to be a girl! haha. I then met 3 great new friends at the airport and all of us were worried about being late because my flight did not get to D.C till an hour before we were supposed to be at the hotel. We all found out that we are Education volunteers and we wondered if there were any other volunteers from other program such as YD (Youth Development Program) in our group. When we got to the hotel, we saw a line of people (my guess was that they were our volunteers). The line was of course for the ever popular paperwork of the Peace Corps. We had a whole day of staging and I remember meeting my roomate and thinking that she was soo cool. Everytime I see her now, I would always get the biggest hug ever from her! (Great Girl!).

A lot of things happened the next day when we left for the airport to KZ. I was cursing myself about having lots of stuff; I actually only had about 35 lbs in one and 48 lbs in another (Crazy?? Right??). The wait was of course awful and unbearable! Then finally we took off to go to Germany for a few more hours. This time I sat in between 2 people from my group. I think that this may have been the greatest thing ever because I was able to build a good relationship with the girl I sat next to.  A few more hours in Germany and finding shot glasses for my friends (guys, wait for the next 2 years because there will be more!). I had another fun plane ride with another girl in my group and as was the 1st case we became fast friends. Landing in Almaty airport at midnight (frankly, i don’t remember what time) was so surreal because we were in KZ and I do not speak Russian or Kazakh. This is going to be the greatest adventure ever! And not comes the ever dreadful jetlag (I hate jetlags!). The next day we found out our training sites and I was placed in the farthest village from Almaty. I was both scared and excited and was a little po’d because it snowed! haha. I am going to love the winters up north!

The ride to my little village of Baltabai was upon us and we will be the 1st American volunteers to have ever been trained there. Exciting! The story of the next 2 months will be on the next blog.


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