And the winner is….

When we were in PST, our lovely PCVTAs or helpers organized a scavenger hunt for my training village and the closest training town from us (ECIK). The main objective of this scavenger hunt is for us to practice our language and some of us were able to do that. The price for whoever wins it is to go to the Peace Corps office in the city for a night and eat Pizza Hut. Of course, for those who are reading this will not think that the price is worth it, but for those who did not have internet at their training village; that night at the Peace Corps office seems like the greatest gift ever! Also, the pizza since most of us have not had pizza for the last 2 months.

We had a list of things that we needed to find and take pictures to prove that we did find them. The pictures are below to show you guys that we really found them. Some were easy to find and some were hard to get. We had the hardest time finding a babushka wearing a blue scarf on her head and a pair of fake (Bazaar) prada shoes. The last one meant something to my training group because our wonderful PCVTA Janelle had a pair of these fierce Prada shoes. I loved those shoes! After the hunt, we also had to write something interesting about the pictures in Russian/Kazakh. It was Russian for my group and it was really hard to find an interesting way to describe those pictures when your language level is of a 3 year old.

Alas my group did not win the hunt, but it was still fun to have made a really good friend while doing this scavenger hunt. I am happy to say that Carrie and I are really close friends and it all started with this hunt as being the only 2 girls in a group of 5. I guess we really didn’t need the win to spend time in Almaty, as I will gladly tell you guys on my next blog.

The Trainees with some students! We found a statue!


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